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Lease or Buy?

Find the Perfect Solution for You

There are many ways to buy a new vehicle. You can finance it but you can also lease it. At Boulevard Toyota, we offer both options! That said, you may not be sure of the right option for you. At Boulevard Toyota, we will be happy to help you see things more clearly. Both financing and leasing a vehicle has its benefits and these depend on your needs, lifestyle, and preferences.

Our team can help you make the right decision between financing and leasing. In the meantime, take a look at the benefits of these different solutions.

Benefits of Financing

  • No mileage restrictions
  • The car belongs to you and its maintenance is therefore an investment
  • You can change the car as you please
  • More affordable in the long run
  • The best option if you want to keep your vehicle for a long time

Benefits of Leasing

  • More affordable monthly payments
  • Replace your vehicle easily every two or three years
  • No depreciation
  • More advantageous if you use your vehicle for work


Contact us today to find out more about our financing and leasing offers!