Toyota Body Shop in Québec

By entrusting us with the repair of your Toyota, you will benefit from our expertise and protect its resale value optimally.

  • 24/7 towing service, wherever you are.
  • Quick estimation and always FREE
  • Massive courtesy car fleet.
  • Our Toyota-certified technicians know all models by heart and have continuous access to the manufacturer database.
  • Our body shop features all the latest equipment, including a state-of-the-art paint oven.
  • We favor the usage of genuine Toyota parts to preserve the reliability and integrity of your vehicle. PEACE OF MIND COUNTS, ESPECIALLY IF YOUR VEHICLE IS STILL UNDER WARRANTY.
  • Our body shop is recognized by insurers and we fill in the administrative details of your claim for you.
  • We are proud members of the CarrXpert Quebec network



Rights of the insured

You may be requested by your insurer to deal with independent body shops. IT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO KNOW THAT IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO BRING YOUR TOYOTA TO THE BODY SHOP OF YOUR CHOOSING.

Need Information?

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We are committed to offering the best possible support to all our loyal customers. If you have any questions about our mechanical services or about your vehicle, we will be happy to answer you.

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